What to expect

Here’s how it works

Contact us now to set up your appointment! You could be just days away (instead of weeks) from a new, fresh look for your home, AND the party to show off to all your friends and family.

Contact us to make an appointment for an initial consultation. During our visit, we spend time getting to know you by asking a variety of questions to learn your personal style and how your family uses your home. As we come to know your style and preferences, we will be able to arrange rooms for your family’s unique, cherished objects and photos and, most importantly, create a more functional room to suit your family’s needs.

Our goal is to tell the story of your home with your style and tastes, no our design objectives. We understand a home is a sacred place and our goal is to honor your possessions.

Typically, we accomplish the interior redesign in one day.

We take everything possible out of the room to access the architecture and then reintroduce pieces in the most desirable location based on the function and surrounding décor. The real fun begins when you walk through your front door a few hours later and see your home in a whole new way!

Some of the comments that we hear

“I can’t believe this was all done in one day.”

“My husband loved coming home and seeing so much done so quickly.”

“I never would have thought of that.”

“I have a new appreciation for what I thought was my old “junk.”

“When can you return to do the rest of the house?

The “Wish List” is a suggested shopping/task list of ideas our clients may want to consider in the future to further achieve the desired results. We may suggest:

  • Alternative lighting
  • Additional lighting to brighten up a dark corner
  • Artwork suggestions and measurements for the type of art best suited to your home and it’s decor
  • If you’d like, we can make arrangements to do all the purchasing and install for you

Our pricing is presented to you in writing at the initial consultation so you can determine your budget and how best to proceed. Fees are typically based on the size of the room and its contents, however hourly fees are also available.

“It’s been about four weeks since I had GraceAnn come and redo our family room as a surprise for my wife’s birthday. We couldn’t be happier with the results. My wife and I love the room. We spend more time in the room now than ever.

GraceAnn was very professional and great to work with, especially since I did the room as a surprise and had to keep the changes a secret from my wife. All through the process I felt confident it would turn out well but never dreamed how well once we finally saw the room. GraceAnn was very helpful, picked out great items to add to the room, and was very affordable.

Her ability to listen and understand how we use the room and blend that with my wish to have a “new room” for my wife was just spot on. Many family members and friends have visited over the past month just to see the room and everyone has been very impressed.

My wife and I would recommend GraceAnn to anyone who is looking for a room makeover! We encourage you to call her. ”
Ryan & Eileen Hardin

Client Endorsement

Many thanks again for all of the great information and advice that you gave us. It is empowering to look at your home from the perspective of being a seller. Or, in my case, of preparing to be a seller just in case something in my life changes that forces me to become a seller. One thing I know now is that I am nowhere near ready to move.
Take care and enjoy the almost Spring weather.


Shock? I could not believe my living room/dining room could look so good. I now have more floor space and the rooms are balanced.

Betty L., Naperville, IL

Creatively “out of the box” thinking. I was a little skeptical, but now I’m a believer.

Dave S., Burr Ridge, IL

This was the easiest and best experience I have had with someone helping me decorate any part of my house!

Wanted you to know that we had put out house on the market on Monday this week and had 4 offers by Tuesday. Thank you!!! A job well done! Now we are working on an offer for our new space. Which I will be calling you for help in arranging!

Diana B.

Thank you GraceAnn! Your feedback was critical in us getting a contract within 6 days of listing!!

Staging Client