Lighting, Temperature and Curb appeal


Interior Lighting

Installation of new lighting is something that is fairly easy. Lighting can change the look and feel of a room. If you are selling, lighting is still something that is heavily scrutinized by buyers when they tour your home. The style of light fixture is a clue as to what ‘decade’ that light was installed. A new light fixture can update the décor of a room instantly. If you have permanent lighting fixtures, that you are not updating, it is vital that you replace any burned-out bulbs and that all the bulbs are of the same ‘temperature’ (color) of light.

Max out the possible lumens (wattage) for that fixture, there should be a label, telling you this, near the socket of the fixture. Create a bright and airy environment Remember you are selling square footage and daylight! Help potential homebuyers fall in love with your home that much more quickly, light it up!

Indoor comfort

Seasons are changing and if your home is on the market make sure the indoor temperature is comfortable and appropriate for the season. You do not want a ‘hot’ house in the summer and a ‘cold’ house in the winter. They may get the impression that you HVAC equipment is not working efficiently.


Once you decide to sell your home, the race is on. You want your home to sell as quickly as possible. There is not one magic trick to that can ensure a fast home sale. A potential buyer will drive up to your home and what do they see? A lawn in need of some care and maintenance. Walk you yard and remove and trees, bushes, or flowers around your property that have died. So that you can remove them before they can detract from the look of your property. Think of you landscaping as what you would put on a dating site, that first important photo.

Make sure the lawn is well maintained. Meaning, green, weed free, and well edged. While your landscaping doesn’t have to look like something out of a magazine, it should reflect a level of care that indicates you take pride in your home. Avoid the ‘drive-by’ rejection. There are some areas of your home that, if overlooked, will likely cause your home to linger on the market.


Your home’s landscaping is responsible for creating the first impression for prospective buyers. Therefore, if your landscaping leaves much to be desired, the first impression that’s created will be negative. While your landscaping doesn’t have to look like something out of a magazine, it should reflect a level of care that indicates you take pride in your home.

Client Endorsement

Many thanks again for all of the great information and advice that you gave us. It is empowering to look at your home from the perspective of being a seller. Or, in my case, of preparing to be a seller just in case something in my life changes that forces me to become a seller. One thing I know now is that I am nowhere near ready to move.
Take care and enjoy the almost Spring weather.


Shock? I could not believe my living room/dining room could look so good. I now have more floor space and the rooms are balanced.

Betty L., Naperville, IL

Creatively “out of the box” thinking. I was a little skeptical, but now I’m a believer.

Dave S., Burr Ridge, IL

This was the easiest and best experience I have had with someone helping me decorate any part of my house!

Wanted you to know that we had put out house on the market on Monday this week and had 4 offers by Tuesday. Thank you!!! A job well done! Now we are working on an offer for our new space. Which I will be calling you for help in arranging!

Diana B.

Thank you GraceAnn! Your feedback was critical in us getting a contract within 6 days of listing!!

Staging Client