Never too late to decorate!!

If you are like me and discovered that you are behind in the Holiday decorating and are starting to think why bother for only a couple of weeks?

Think about Winter decorating instead. This way you can leave the decorations up way past Christmas without looking like you were too busy to take them down.

Change up that traditional Xmas tree with the colored lights and ornaments to a Xmas tree or topiary with white lights and branches of artificial berries or sprigs of holly. Wood branches from the yard can be placed in the tree along with additional large pine cones hung from the branches instead of the ornaments. The tree then becomes decorative way past the traditional holiday season.

Forget about the Santa and Reindeer motif. Work with snowmen and snowflakes instead. Those can stay until the first thaw. Silver and shining is the thing this year. Blue and icy works well, too.

Remember we want to cherish the holidays not dread the hassle. Decorating for the entire winter season can help eliminate those January/February winter blahs too! And because I am so late the only photo I can take credit for is the snowman!!

Peace and Blessing to you all. See you in the New Year to help you overcome the winter blahs with some color excitement.



Client Endorsement

Many thanks again for all of the great information and advice that you gave us. It is empowering to look at your home from the perspective of being a seller. Or, in my case, of preparing to be a seller just in case something in my life changes that forces me to become a seller. One thing I know now is that I am nowhere near ready to move.
Take care and enjoy the almost Spring weather.


Shock? I could not believe my living room/dining room could look so good. I now have more floor space and the rooms are balanced.

Betty L., Naperville, IL

Creatively “out of the box” thinking. I was a little skeptical, but now I’m a believer.

Dave S., Burr Ridge, IL

This was the easiest and best experience I have had with someone helping me decorate any part of my house!

Wanted you to know that we had put out house on the market on Monday this week and had 4 offers by Tuesday. Thank you!!! A job well done! Now we are working on an offer for our new space. Which I will be calling you for help in arranging!

Diana B.

Thank you GraceAnn! Your feedback was critical in us getting a contract within 6 days of listing!!

Staging Client