Moving is stressful for everyone, including your pets

As many of you already know I foster dogs for A Caring Place Humane Society here in Chicago. I am amazed at how many dogs are turned in as strays. I imagine someone out there crying because there dog is lost and not knowing what to do. Here is a scenario that I imagine happens too often. You are moving to a new place and your dog gets loose. He does not know where home is so he wonders around till someone hopefully finds him and takes him to a shelter.

Chet writes;

Moving is stressful!
… And your dog will experience much of the same anxiety that you do.

The change. The state of limbo that’s inevitable as you pack one house, and then unpack the next. The actual moving day.

Then there’s the adjustment period, as everyone gets settled into their new surroundings.

Your family is stressed by the change!

And your dog senses this!!!

Consider how many stories you’ve heard about dogs running away from their new home after a move, trying to find their way back to the old house.

It happens all the time, more often than you even hear about on the local news stations!

So here is great information from Chet Womach, one of my favorite online Pet Trainers.
He is sharing 10 tips that should help make your dogs transition between the old and new homes as smooth and painless as possible.

You can read it here:


Chet Womach (check out all his post and subscribe to his news letter)

Client Endorsement

Many thanks again for all of the great information and advice that you gave us. It is empowering to look at your home from the perspective of being a seller. Or, in my case, of preparing to be a seller just in case something in my life changes that forces me to become a seller. One thing I know now is that I am nowhere near ready to move.
Take care and enjoy the almost Spring weather.


Shock? I could not believe my living room/dining room could look so good. I now have more floor space and the rooms are balanced.

Betty L., Naperville, IL

Creatively “out of the box” thinking. I was a little skeptical, but now I’m a believer.

Dave S., Burr Ridge, IL

This was the easiest and best experience I have had with someone helping me decorate any part of my house!

Wanted you to know that we had put out house on the market on Monday this week and had 4 offers by Tuesday. Thank you!!! A job well done! Now we are working on an offer for our new space. Which I will be calling you for help in arranging!

Diana B.

Thank you GraceAnn! Your feedback was critical in us getting a contract within 6 days of listing!!

Staging Client